photography by  George Qua-Enoo  2017

photography by George Qua-Enoo 2017

HITOKOO is a line of casual women's clothing, produced by Hitoko Okada, in mini collection micro-batches, that address political and cultural narratives.  Each piece is handmade in a slow fashion ethic, with integrated textile craft elements. 
Motifs and prints, repeated throughout her collections, are generated from concepts she explores in her fibre based sculptures and installations.
From concept to design; pattern to final product, each piece is hand crafted in her studio. She selectively sources the finest quality natural fabrics in limited quantities. In the ethic of handcraft, Okada serves to align collectors with an expression of their core identities and to drive empowered communications within themselves and with the world around them.

Okada had worked as a theatre costumer across Canada since 1998 until 2008. She is a fibre artist who has exhibited work across Canada including Vancouver, BC; Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario. She is also a member of a local storytelling group, The Hamilton Seven, crafting biographical and researching pre-colonial cultural stories to challenge western dominant singular narratives. Okada currently serves on the Steering Committee of the Coalition of Black and Racialized Artists (COBRA) in Hamilton, Ontario.

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